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Strategy & Business Planning

Business Planning


Risk Management

Risk Management

Strategic Marketing

Strategic Marketing

Belatan Group is a management consulting company specialising in strategic marketing, business advisory, planning and restructuring. 
Our Client Offering

Belatan offers expertise in business structuring, planning and implementation. We work with our clients to align with company objectives to achieve their goals.

"Our goal is to not just deliver a service to our clients. We look to create a working plan, process or deliverable that can be used for the ongoing growth of a business after Belatan have completed their engagement"


We believe there are only two ways to increase profitability; grow your revenue or streamline your processes and expenses. With this in mind we offer clients an understanding of how profitability can be increased internally through change management, along with external marketing to drive business growth.


Belatan help do both by streamlining business channels and developing a growth oriented structure to deliver results.


Our proven methods offer companies the flexibility to utilise our services in part, or tailor a holistic approach to get on the right path to achieve great things.

Looking to increase your valuable client base?

Contact us about what you want to achieve.

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