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Business Risk Management

In today's business climate, outdated process & procedures are one of the biggest risks for business owners.

Business Risk Management

Any business in today's environment needs to ensure process and procedure are developed and retained for continuity and risk management. 


Below is a brief overview of the risk management process that we go through to develop a strong plan for the future, taking into account a range of factors.  


When you are identifying business risk there are three key areas to take into account. 

1. Customer 2. Process  3. People 


These are the areas that can become pain points in any business and to address business risk, are an effective way to start the conversation around how we can best assist businesses


The risk management process ideally involves:


Identifying risks: Identifying business channel risks by reviewing internal and external factors that impact the business continuity.


Analysing risks: It includes the calibration and, if possible, creation of probability distributions of outcomes for each material risk. This can be done in a simple modelling process that offers an understanding of how it could affect a business over a specific timeline.


Responding to risk:  After identifying and analysing the potential risk, appropriate strategy needs to be incorporated. Either by establishing new processes or eliminating, depending on kind and severity of the risk.


Monitoring risk and opportunities:  Continually measuring the risks and opportunities of the ever changing business environment. Also keep a check on performance of management strategies.

Risk Assessment Preview: A risk assessment should begin and end with specific business objectives that are anchored in key value drivers. Risk management acts like a guide in any type of company planning. It helps to organise and allocate resources by setting up capital allocation and prioritising business channels that can cause potential issues with continuity.

If there is a project that your company would like to complete but dont have the skill set needed, speak to us today to find out how partnering with Belatan can help you reach your desired goal.

We can cater to all types of businesses. Small to medium enterprise (SME) business plans and marketing strategies to build on your success to date. No matter the size, we can help you plan your month, quarter or year. Even if you are about to build a business or are setting up a business, we are the experts in creating easy to understand business plans, with goal based milestones to deliver on the success you require. 

Some of the areas we work with our clients in are: Marketing strategies, marketing campaigns across social media, email, direct, cold calling, advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), website development, corporate branding strategies, sales training, risk management analysis, business planning, start up business plans, process and procedure analysis,business growth modelling, business channel restructuring and our belatan programs. To find our how we can help your business, speak to us today.
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