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Don't waste tax time on autopilot!

With tax time just around the corner, many accountants are focused on ensuring that they can get across all of their clients and service them effectively for individual tax returns and business returns.

Are you working on your business, or in your business?

Now this is a yearly cycle that accountants have to go through to service their clients and keep them coming back, even though now days, ITR’s are almost a larger cost than what you get paid to do them.

Have you thought about gaining additional revenue to grow your business, but don’t know how?

Like most business owners, there is far too much going on in the business to find time to work on the business.

However with some planning an understanding of your clients position, there could be a large amount of opportunity to assist them further. Firstly with their yearly returns, but then being in a position to offer them additional services that they need, but you either haven't realised they qualify or they are unaware of what you have on offer.

You will speak to most clients during tax time, meaning more opportunity than any other time of the year.

Switch off the autopilot and take control of your business growth today. The value you can unlock will give your business a new lease on life when it comes to growth and client satisfaction.

Speak to us about our CSP program which helps accountants analyse, understand and offer their current client base value additions to service their needs.


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