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Make a Relationship, Not a Sale.

"There is nothing worse than going onto a website and seeing the last update was 18 months ago, you have to be consistent"

You must be front of mind! How do you keep your customers updated once you have made the sale?

Your thinking should be once a client, always a client, and continue to offer products and services to everyone you have done business with.

Don't see it a sale, but the start of a business relationship.

So how do you keep front of mind with customers to make sure they know you still exist,

while taking into account the client type and content to send information to them. There are a couple of simple ways you can look to get your message out to clients on a regular basis.

Firstly, you need to start asking your customers what their preferred choice of communication is. This can be done through a feedback form during a sale, or simply by asking the question when speaking to clients. But either way, you must be sending something to keep your clients up to date through a medium that they will see at least once a week or more.

When thinking of what to send to clients it would depend on the business type. For example, if you are a B2B business then most likely you would be contacting people in work hours, generally they would be on email rather than social media. So send an email either weekly, fortnightly or monthly with the updates that you want to get across to clients.

The beauty of emails is that people can come back to them and they are not on a feed so won't disappear as quick as on a social media post. The one thing to remember here is to keep your email list up to date and make sure you have regular phone contact with clients also.

Another simple way of doing this is through social media posts. If I was a consumer product business and drive your sales on volume then you would be sending out posts on products constantly, offering specials and updated products. This is based on a low cost message as it can be purchased on impulse, people will click the link and buy straight way. Works well for products under the $100 mark as people don't think about it too much.

Off the back of the social media posts you could also create a group, say on Facebook that people can join, and you could have heavier discounts for these groups along with extended conversations and blogs that are relevant to your products and services.

"With any form of customer engagement, consistency is key, there is so much noise that you have to work hard to get through"

However you do it, just make sure you keep consistent with your communication. It can be hard to start with but overtime it becomes a habit each day/week and you send out what you want to inform people about. This will slowly begin to build a relationship with your client base, not just a one off sale.


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