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Stop brushing your teeth for a month...

"Stop brushing your teeth for a month and you will find out how important consistency is"

Because when you are cold calling, you don't make one phone call and stop, you make a hundred and then come back the next day.

When email marketing, you don't send one email and hope for a sale, you send a hundred and then do it again with another email later on.

Never accept that a single action will do wonders for your lead generation, you need to think laterally and take consistent action to generate new leads into a business.

If you want to start generating a large number of leads then spread out your marketing across multiple platforms and begin testing them.

What do I mean when I say platforms:

Some of the different platforms are email marketing, letter drops, social media posts both paid and organic, cold calling, referral partnerships or pop up shopping centre stalls.

Getting in front of people through different channels gives you a good understanding of where people are engaging with you and your company, so you can expand on what works..

What are some examples:

If you are an artist or swimwear designer it’s pretty clear that Instagram is a good option to start testing on as its visual, but not everyone is on Instagram, so another option could be brochure drops into suburbs that have a high number of pools or are beach side. For artists this could also be in affluent suburbs where art is popular or cold calling galleries and sending your work over to them to view.

“But what if I sell printers, that's a bit difficult on Instagram?”

Well, it’s highly likely that your customers are in an office, so create an email campaign each month outlining new models, benefits of your products and some insights into the difference between you and the next printer company.

But you don't have to stop there. LinkedIN is full of business owners that are always looking for an edge on improving their business. Start posting about the issues that can arise from printer wear, toner problems or benefits of upgrading to create more efficient time frames when printing documents.

Anyway you market regardless of what you do, should be done on more than one platform. You need to stay relevant with clients regardless of your product or service so getting to them across multiple fronts give you a better opportunity to generate leads and close sales.

The best thing about this is it’s not difficult for anyone to do, even if your a one man business it can be organised with as much or as little effort you want to put into it. But just get started and the rest will start to come together as you get better with time.

How do I try and do this for myself:

So a simple way to prepare for some simple marketing across multiple platforms:

  • What's the budget? How many clients do I need to get back in to justify the expense?

  • Where are my customers, how can I get in front of them? Look into your customer type, do some research around demographics of your products or service to prepare.

  • Prepare some content about your product or service and commit to being consistent on two or more platforms for a period of time to market your products of service. (it doesn't have to be large chunks of information, its can be short and to the point)

  • Set them up on the platforms and launch.

It's not difficult and yes you can get professionals to do this but don't you want to find out yourself where clients can be generated from?

If you are not doing any of the above, give it a go yourself first before you start spending large amounts on external help. You need to crawl before you walk.

So to finish off, Think laterally across multiple platforms, be consistent and enjoy engaging with your clients about your business.


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