Take more notice of the mistakes

Learning from mistakes can save you a huge amount of money over the long term

New year, business continues, and you want to keep growing. Sit down for 10 minutes and have a think about the mistakes you made last year.

The ones that you remember could have been easily avoided, then write them down. Now have a think about what you would have achieved if you didn’t make those mistakes and put them against each. This gives easy reference to avoiding those simple things. Now repeat this each time it happens going forward.

“Do ever get upset when you make mistakes, just learn from them.”

What you will find is that the list will grow because its human nature to make mistakes, but the things that held you up previously will be the best lessons for growing at a faster pace.

Don’t ever get upset when you make mistakes, just learn from them. Revenue generation works both ways, its not always about the sales, sometimes you can make more money by fixing issues that helps retain a better profit margin.

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