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Your news is now 720X faster

If I wanted to know what news was happening in another country in 1995, I would wait until the televised morning or nightly news which comes around every 12 hours.

Today If I wanted to know what was happening, I would take out my phone, type in “news” and within about 60 seconds total I would have the results.

You now get the news 720 times faster than 24 years ago. How times change, literally!

Putting this into perspective from a business sense is a good way to gauge your potential customers. The speed of information that has accelerated over the decades is breathtaking and for most people quite daunting.

More decisions, more bombardment and all a bit dizzying which doesn't help when trying to get their attention on how good your product or service is.

"So how can I better understand my clients and how they take on information?"

Well you can start by making it fast but effective. Gone are the ten page blogs online that for most would be disregarded. Make it exciting and engaging all in the one hit, it will take time but you can refine as you go through market testing and analysis.

The key is getting your message across as fast as possible.

  • Make the content count, don't drag it out.

  • Today people don't want suspense they want convenience.

  • There are ten of you out there already, explain why you are different in one line.

  • If you can't grab their attention in a matter of seconds, you’re yesterday's news.

Your attention grabbing value proposition should be only a few sentences, if it's longer than that then reduce it.

Once you have their attention and they want to know more, it's a different story. More detailed information would be required, but they are now listening to you.

It’s a bit like the old “elevator pitch” analogy, the only difference is you’re now on the worlds fastest elevator and it’s about to drop your customer off.


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