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People Don’t Have Time For You!

We have lived through one of the most exciting changes in history.

We have been lucky enough to know what it was like without technology and digital media, yet still be young enough to gain a full understanding of the internet and in particular social media. 

There is a constant shift in consumer behaviour that people both young and old have adapted, through the evolution of technology. A great example of this is when I was a kid and had the opportunity to go on a school trip but didn’t have the money. So I had to raise money through selling chocolates, or my mother would do a cake stall to get some funds in to cover it. It was hard slog for us especially my mother. But the hard work would pay off in the end, and I would be able to raise enough money from passers by paying for a muffin To go on the trip. 

That was 1996, fast forward 23 years and nowadays if you want money you can go onto a large number of crowd fund pages, put in some details and off you go. With little effort and a few hundred Facebook, Instagram or Snap chat friends you can probably get into the four figure sums without breaking a sweat. I’m not saying that people these days are lazy but why bother with the effort when you can do something that will now take minutes to achieve. The canvas for attention is reducing because of technology, which in turn effects our attention towards businesses advertising. This reduction in attention will continue to reduce as long as there are advances in convenience with technology.

The canvas of attentions has gone from minutes to seconds 

My point in regards to the above examples it that consumers want things faster, and with less effort to get there. Why? Because there are a thousand more decisions each day that need to be made just to get through to dinner time. Previously here in Australia you wouldn’t really know what is happening in America on an hourly basis, but with technology and smart phones I can find out what happened regarding the president not ten minutes ago. 

So how do we harness the new behavior to get a product of service across to consumers? 

In my option is comes down to time, get it on front of people quicker with better quality points and you will be able to capture the attention. If you don’t get attention within the first ten seconds, you could assume the customer will move on until they see you again next time.

Think about the Kardashian brand. Love it or hate it, they are getting more attention around the world than anyone else in showbiz. How are they doing it, not through Nobel Prize worthy speeches, but plain old photos that are generally controversial. Consumers eat it up and they know it, because they sell a love to hate message and all of us eat it up. Their message delivery is fast, effective and can be seen within a matter of seconds. A perfect formula to get attention!

So for products and services in today’s world, you need to get to the consumer through platforms with a precise “one message” approach, that identifies with people at that point in time. Its not easy but if you nail it you will win. 

And whoever gets the most attention wins!

Have a look at what platforms you are selling through both online and offline. Website, Facebook, cold calling, email or field sales BDM’s. Are you getting the key points across so people can make a fast decision or are you sticking to a dated script that should have been tossed out with the cakes stalls in 1996?

Have a think about your key points, if it can be said in one sentence, don’t make it two. If its better said with two points rather than four then try it out. More is not always better.


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