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Do You Have 2020 Vision?

It’s the 30th October, two days till November, 8 weeks till Christmas, 61 days till 2020.

It felt like the year 2000 yesterday, but like most things, time stops for no one.

I want to ask you a question. What are you going to be doing in March next year to better your business? How are you going to add value to your current clients, and look to grow your business with new clients in March, or for that matter in October too?

If the answer is “I have no idea” don’t worry, you have time to get organised as it’s still October.

For business owners that have never really planned the year out, it can be daunting to think about preparing for each months activities. Sometimes the thought process makes it sound too complicated, to the point where it just doesn't get done. This means another year they continue to work in the business and not on it.

But if you are looking to do something a bit different in 2020, then take this on board and write it down for me.

The small actions you take, often create the biggest reactions!

Each month of next year, write down one activity for your current clients that adds value for them. Two, write down one activity that is going to get your name into the marketplace and drive new business. That’s it!

So you have, 12 activities for your current client base, 12 activities to grow your business. Here are a couple of examples for you.

Current clients > If your running a service business, and you have 200 clients total that have been loyal to you and continued to purchase. Break down the 200 over a month. 200 / 30 = 7. Now make 7 calls each day for the month to say hi and see how everything is going. Now this seems simple but owners rarely do it, why? “Because there is no time” Well to that I say, these people took the time to come and buy, giving support to your business. Five minutes on the phone with them is very little effort.

New Business > There are always industry events on regardless of what you do. One month look them up and sign up to attend. Grab some cards and make a conscious decision to speak to “X” amount of people at the event and tell them about your business. Get their cards, follow them up within a week to discuss opportunities. It might seem simple, but again people get stuck in the day to day and don't look to try different things.

There are two examples, it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. You just need to make sure you TAKE ACTION, each month for the whole year.

So I am giving you plenty of time to think about the 24 activities you will do, with 61 days notice. You are welcome.

I promise that if you do this, you will see a change over the year for the better, within your current client base and your new business. So give it a try, you might surprise yourself.


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