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Planes, Trains and Automation

If you have ever worked on the road during business trips, you would be well aware of the struggle to keep consistent with work that needs to be completed. Let alone the 500 emails that are waiting for you when you get back to the office.

It’s a strange thing; you would think that being on the road and by yourself it would be easier to complete tasks, but many people find it difficult to continue working outside the office and while they are on the move.


Thankfully it can be a little easier with some preparation before you leave. With any trip you should have an agenda as to what you will be doing. This creates an easy schedule for the work that you need to do in between meetings. To ensure that the work is done you treat it as a meeting.

Before you leave, map out the whole trip like you normally would, there is nothing worse that being unprepared and missing meetings and appointments or even worse having 1-2 hours where you are not being productive. But add in what you need to do as well into the calendar.

“When you are travelling it’s easy to forget tasks, automating the reminders to complete work is the best way to get ahead”


So when you land if you have an hour to wait before you first meeting book it into your calendar as “emails to respond to” or whatever it may be and utilise the time well so that you are not trying to catch up on things.

Automating the work with your calendar or scheduler that gives you reminders ensures you don’t miss anything.

Sound simple? Well it is, most just don’t do it.

Be consistent:

You must treat the work as if it is just as important as doing meetings during the trip. Excuses are not for successful people and in today’s connected world there are plenty of cafes or public areas with wifi to keep up to date with work.

After some practice you will start to find it easy to incorporate the work you need to complete into a trip so you come back to the office ready to move on with work.

Yes it sounds simple.

That’s the whole point, small things that you do can have big ramifications towards achieving what you want in your business.

Prepare, schedule and be consistent, no excuses.

Happy travels.


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