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We partner with businesses to create structured plans to ensure their ongoing success and growth.

Business Strategy & Planning

Corporate Strategy

Below is a short overview of the different levels of strategy that are analysed. However every business is different and we look to adapt our models to our clients needs. 
Corporate Level Strategy:
  • Defines the business areas in which your company will operate. Involves integrating and managing the diverse businesses and identifying relevant synergies at a corporate level.
  • Top management team is responsible.
Business Level Strategy:
  • Involves defining the competitive position of a strategic business unit.
  • Developed in conjunction with heads of strategic business units and their teams.

Channel Level Strategy:
  • Developed in conjunction with channel management along with their teams.
  • Involves setting up short-term channel objectives to achieve the desired outcomes .

Business Planning

The team at Belatan has experience in crafting customised business plans for a range of different business types. Multiple design options, input requirements and pitch documents can be developed also to compliment the direction of the plan. 

Some of the key areas within our planning process would include: ​
  • Mission/Value proposition
  • Business model analysis
  • Services
  • Marketing mix
  • Business/Operations strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Financial modelling
  • Milestone based goal setting
  • SWOT analysis
  • and more...

Business Restructuring & Advisory

We understand businesses evolve and can design and implement all types of restructuring requirements for small and medium enterprise. In today's fast paced business climate companies need to adapt quickly. To do this, ongoing analysis needs to be done to identify efficiencies across different business function to ensure profit levels are maintained. 
Belatan offer advisory services for company boards and management teams, delivering advice on changing trends and habits within different industries. This offers business a different perspective on how they can create ideas and deliver real change for the medium to long term.
If there is a project that your company would like to complete but dont have the skill set needed, speak to us today to find out how partnering with Belatan can help you reach your desired goal.

Some of the areas we work with our clients in are: Marketing strategies, marketing campaigns across social media, email, direct, cold calling, advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), website development, corporate branding strategies, sales training, risk management analysis, business planning, start up business plans, process and procedure analysis,business growth modelling, business channel restructuring and our belatan programs. To find our how we can help your business, speak to us today.
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