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Global Networking
We facilitate cross border networking to drive company growth around the globe

Global Networking Services

Belatan Group facilitate cross border networking opportunities for companies looking to expand outside their current jurisdiction.

This has been an approach for companies predominantly within the Australasian markets to help facilitate that growth through our partnerships we have created. With global business becoming more necessary for companies this can be a cost-effective approach into investigating opportunities for potential expansion.

We facilitate investigations into the range of global markets to help companies understand, company setup costs, market research, distribution networks and supply chain negotiations. We can also look to partner with companies to implement their strategies within the chosen market to help create a foundation to build scalability towards growth.

We also facilitate cross border introductions for future business opportunities through our wide ranging network or partner firms around the world. 
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We also have a wide range of Australian products and services that can be exported to anywhere in the world.

This is a great opportunity for our clients growth to expand their range with high quality products from Australia.

To find out more about this service please go to our dedicated site:

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